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 Venus Riddle

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PostSubject: Venus Riddle   Venus Riddle Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 2:14 pm

First name: Venus
Middle name: Anastasia
Surname: Riddle

School: Hogwarts
Job: Death Eater

Age: Seventeen

Height: 5'1

Build: Slim

Sex: Female

Mother: unknown

Father: Tom Riddle

Brother(s): none.

Sisters(s): none.



Eater: Yes.



Pure Blood: Yes.

Half blood: no.

Born: no.

Half Breed: no.

Personality: Venus can be; Cunning, sassy, mischievous, intimidating but can also be kind, loving and amusing.

Points: gets along well with her friends, speaks the truth.

Bad Points: dislikes muggle borns & half-bloods, as she was told to from a young age.

Likes: singing, duelling, socialising.

Hates: those lower in status, doesn't like loosing, not getting her own way.


Hair: blond.

Skin: pale.

Eyes: blue/grey.

Clothes: unusual clothing that stands out. Bright colours. Mostly dresses, and comfortable clothing.



Single: yes.

Crush: not at the moment.

Married: no.



Species: human.


Character History and
Other information: Venus' mother was killed by aurors during a battle when Venus was only two. So she grew up without a mother, however, her auntie was often around to take care of her, because her father was usually out on business. Venus lived a tough childhood, which is why she's so cruel now, with trust issues.

Roleplay Example:

The snow was beautiful. The school grounds were covered in a thick layer of white, as far as the eye could see. Venus enjoyed the cold weather, especially when it snowed. She liked the fact that each and every snowflake was unique - just like herself, so she thought. // Pushing her fingertips through her long blond hair, the gaze of her sapphire blue eyes drifted lazily across the scenery. Nothing seemed to interest her like it once had when she was younger, the whole Christmas occasion had 'lost it's magic'. After all, where was the fun in staying at school, because your father was too busy 'working' instead of spending time at home for the holidays? Boredom was something she was faced with on a regular basis, seeing as most of her friends had more important things to do. What a fun Christmas it would be.
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Aaron Yaxley

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PostSubject: Re: Venus Riddle   Venus Riddle Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 2:17 pm

ACCEPTED. you can now post.
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Venus Riddle
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