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 The search (Ginny & Aaron only)

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Aaron Yaxley
Aaron Yaxley

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The search (Ginny & Aaron only) Empty
PostSubject: The search (Ginny & Aaron only)   The search (Ginny & Aaron only) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 12:43 pm

He moved up the steps of the Gryffindor stand, screwing his nose up in disgust. Aaron could not believe that he was cooperating with a Weasley, but having explained to her that Dumbledore requested them to find a ring which he had dropped, there was no other way. Aaron's eyes scanned through the darkness as if it were broad daylight. He had assumed that Ginny would light the tip of her wand. The Gryffindor v. Ravenclaw game today had apparently not went all to well for Gryffindor, Aaron not being a fan of Quidditch couldn't bring himself to fully care, but the mere fact that Ravenclaw had won against the team of which he hated sent an odd feeling of smugness through his stomach. Why Aaron had been asked to find this ring baffled him, but he had decided not to ask, and simply made his way to find the Weasley girl. This ring apparently meant alot and if they weren't able to find it, Aaron would get the blame.

"Must be here somewhere." He grumbled lowly, stepping up each step with ease. He had nearly reached the seats, which he had a strong feeling the ring would be. This, however, did not stop Aaron from searching. He wasn't afraid of trouble, but he simply could not be expelled. Skyving all those classes had clearly not worked to his advantage.
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Ginny Molly Weasley
Ginny Molly Weasley

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The search (Ginny & Aaron only) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The search (Ginny & Aaron only)   The search (Ginny & Aaron only) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 12:55 pm

“You are aware of the fact I have no idea what we’re doing here or why it had to be me, right?” Ginny announced mockingly, her vivid red hair being tossed aside by the breeze. Drawing her wand from her robes she lit the tip with a simple “Lumos,” she however peered over Aaron’s shoulder for any indication of what he could possibly be doing. “what are we looking for, is it really that important that Dumbledore sent us out here, and again, why you and I, why not me and my brothers or Harry and I or Harry and Hermione, I’d much rather be in class,” this was something Ginny never expected to say, but when put in situations like this when she was forced to spend the day with a creature such as Aaron Yaxley, it was the only words that came to mind. “I’d rather eat snot flavoured berty bots that spend more time with you,” gagged the red head as she looked through the ground, lighting her wand this way and that to see anything.
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The search (Ginny & Aaron only)
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