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 Aaron Dion Yaxley - Character Bio - Example.

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Aaron Yaxley
Aaron Yaxley

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Aaron Dion Yaxley - Character Bio - Example. Empty
PostSubject: Aaron Dion Yaxley - Character Bio - Example.   Aaron Dion Yaxley - Character Bio - Example. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 10:07 am

First name: Aaron
Middle name: Dion
Surname: Yaxley

Job: Hogwarts

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Build: Slim, Muscular.

Sex: Male.

Mother: Bridgette (Hillinger) Yaxley.

Father: Aleksander Yaxley.

Brother(s): Colbaine, Kye, Rivers.

Sisters(s): Keria, Rose, Thorne, Sable, Selene.

Other: -


Eater: Yes.

Member: No.

Other: -

Pure Blood: Yes.

Half blood: No.

Born: No.

Half Breed: No.


Personality: Snappy, Cruel.

Points: Powerful.

Bad Points: -

Likes: Voldemort.

Hates: Filth.


Hair: Chocolate Brown.

Skin: Pale White.

Eyes: Chocolate Brown.

Clothes: Jeans, shirt, shoes, Robes.

Other: -

Single: No.

Crush: Beaux Blackrose.

Married: No.

Other: -


Species: Vampire.


Character History and
Other information: Aaron Dion Yaxley was born on the 23rd of February 1991 to Bridgette
(Hillinger) Yaxley (Deceased, Murdered) and Aleksander Yaxley (Alive,
Death Eater). Aaron's childhood was, to say the least, a broken one. He
grew up in a very cruel environment, often hearing the torturous
screams of his father's victims, he was constantly surrounded by
domestic violence, his father would often hit him for the smallest
thing done wrong. Not only that, but Aleksander often sat and tutored
Aaron- when he could find the time- to be a Death Eater, strumming the
Dark Lord's ideology as though it was law into his own son's head. By
the age of one, Aaron had seen many things that an adult couldn't even
imagine. One night his own father had decided that the woman he
married- Aaron's mother, was now absolutely useless to him and being
the cold-blooded man he was, quickly sought to kill her off- he had
gotten all he needed from her and discarded her like he would do
anything else. At the time, though Aaron lacked the innocence of
someone his age he didn't fully understand what he had watched happen.

Aleksander Yaxley was never a faithful man and practised, maybe
unknowingly, polygamy (the belief that a male can have more than one
wife.) because these wives all held advantages for him, when they, like
Aaron's mother didn't hold anything for him any longer, he would
dispose of them. Aleksander made a point of having many children with
pureblooded women so that the Yaxley line would live on. Being a Death
Eater he would often send Aaron to one of his step-mothers- all of
which seemed to despise anything that Aleksander had produced with
another woman. At the age of two, after spending a year tied to his
son, Aleksander seized the chance of a mission and left Aaron with
another one of his Wives. As was tradition, this wife despised Aaron
and treated him badly. Ignoring him whilst she showered her other two
sons and daughters with everything they needed. Aaron had been lucky if
food got put on the table for him- he lived this life style for three

Age five and Aaron was already a lot more unstable than your average
child. He had not seen his father for a full three years and with being
ill-treated by a female that was not even his mother resentment had
become a main feeling towards all females, though at the age of five
Aaron could barely pose any threat if he had been able to, he would
have. He made many things worse for himself because each week he would
sneak off and sit at his motherís graveside, mourning his own loss. One
day, his fatherís wife had taken it upon herself to worry for Aaron's
whereabouts, when he returned at a ridiculous hour, he got a serious
beating, so bad that the boy ran away with a limp and a good few scars.
He was only five and there was certainly not many places he could go
and so he ended up back at the original place he had called home. It
hadn't been seen to for three years and so dust was really starting to
gather, the place held far too many memories for Aaron but he managed
to wait out a month before he went in search of his father. It took
Aaron roughly a year to locate his father. But Aaron could not have
found Aleksander at a worse time- Aleksander was in the midst of a
battle with Auror's, Aaron watched from the side lines in whichever
cover he could find but knew better than to make a sound. However, this
only lasted so long until his father was hurt, Aaron shouting for him
caused the correct kind of diversion, Aaron was stunned and left in the
bushes which he had taken refuge in whilst they took an unconscious and
fairly-battered Aleksander away.Six. Parentless and with no where to
go, Aaron woke up terrified. He searched hours calling for his father
before he soon resigned himself to his fate and slowly made his way
back to the place which he had spent five years. As a six year old,
Aaron was already building the cunning characteristics of a Slytherin
and told his sobbing step mother a twisted event of what had happened
and his fathers 'demands' to treat Aaron fairly. This had gone through,
his life with the step mother that obviously hated him improved a fair
bit but Aaron's state of mind had not. Those first child-hood years of
domestic violence and beating had seemingly tarnished any means of a
remotely normal Yaxley child. So, slowly, as the months went past Aaron
got more and more sadistic, he was not interested in the same things as
his half-brothers and sisters but more in training, going over
repeatedly all the things his father had taught him.

The next four years were uneventful in Aaron's life, nothing traumatic
happened, he just went about deliberately making his siblings lives
harder, he would recieve the odd severe punishment for this but in
truth he had even started to unnerve his own step-mother to the degree
she had no wish to touch or associate with him unless she was forced.
He did however do one thing continuously through out his years, once a
week he would spend an hour or two at his mothers graveside, staring at
it blankly. At the tender age of eleven, like all Wizards, Aaron
recieved a letter to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He
didn't bother with anyone in his first year but would disappear for
weeks at a time. On the holidays he would visit his mothers grave until
somehow, a letter came from his father instructing his step mother to
stop him going anywhere near it and to do whatever was possible to get
the message to sink in. Aaron took many beatings before bending to his
fathers will.

After five years of imprisonment with his boy hitting twelve and
rearing to go into second year, Aleksander returned and with a
vengeance but it wasn't his wife or his other children that constantly
saw his fist, once again, on the receiving end was Aaron. With many
roars of 'It was all your fault, useless boy' followed by many insults
and beatings where Aaron could barely move to his safety, Aaron missed
a year of Hogwarts, his step-mother had written a letter to explain his
absence but to this day Aaron doesn't know what the letter said.
A year of domestic violence passed and Aleksander seemed to grow bored
of beating his own son black and blue, so he went onto training the boy
(He would beat Aaron if anything went uncompleted) and so with Aaron's
letter for an excuse of his absence, Aaron also missed his third year
at school. By thirteen Aaron was well accomplished in most spells, even
the unforgivable themselves- he had never actually used them because of
the law on underage magic (with his excuse and Aleksander in hiding it
would not have been clever) but he had learnt well enough to be able to
cast them perfectly if he was forced into it.

Aaron went back to his fourth year very confused, he had missed two
vital years of information but with enough study managed to pull
through. He didn't associate himself with anything less than a
Slytherin because of his upbringing. Nothing really happened in his
fourth year other than hard work and mildly tormenting those who
werenít 'worthy'. It was his Christmas Holidays that had become
exceedingly interesting. Aleksander made the point of taking Aaron to a
Death Eater meeting and by this time, Aaron was very sharp-tongued. His
fatherís friend was verbally bettered by a fourteen year old and lost
his temper. The man attacked Aaron and without a second thought, a
flash of green light and those fatal words were uttered, the man
slumped down uselessly to the floor. Aleksander was extremely pleased
with his son and started to treat him much more like a human afterwards
but soon Aaron's actions caught up with him and for the first time
ever, Aleksander Yaxley stepped up for his son, he took the blame,
saying he killed a friend using his boys wand and thus got re-sentenced
to Azkaban for life.

Fifth year Aaron went back to Hogwarts newly damaged and on his way he
met another boy whose troubles had been something similar to his;
Darron Necrosis. Darron turned to be Aaron's very first friend and the
pair stayed remarkably close considering the vile tempers that both
had. They, at one point, were inseparable but Aaron's solitary nature
allowed him to quickly become irritated and when he did so, Aaron
turned his wand shamelessly on little Lucy Lithium, he tortured her and
others during times of frustration, irritation, anger and boredom. Most
by his fifth year completely feared Aaron just on the sound of his
name. Towards the end of the year, Aaron also befriended another; Keria
Attfield whom has remained one of his closest friends to this very day.
For a while, their friendship was boardering upon the lines of breaking
but they managed to push all arguments aside and solve them.

Sixth year, present day, Aaron along with the other students of his age
will soon be heading into his NEWT year, though this has not stopped
his sixth year from being uneventful. His father once more has made an
escape from Azkaban though will not dare to lay a hand on his son-
whose bitterness and absolute hate for him has never been more clear in
a father/son relationship- the pair get along reasonably well and Aaron
has often accompanied his father on missions. Half way through his year
Aaron met a young girl by the name of Beaux Blackrose-Crouch, before he
knew it strange feelings were washing over him and in the midst of
anger and not understanding Aaron tortured the young girl many a time.
One day, however, she approached him at the new age of sixteen and
quickly got her revenge, Aaron has been careful not to raise his hands
to her ever since but in it's unlikelihood Beaux has turned to be
Aaron's first love and with his constant disappearances the pair are
still going strong. Towards the end of the year Aaron has forged yet
another friendship, or a 'bond' as he liked to call them with Alex

Towards the end of Aaron's sixth year, he had found himself within the
presence of a Vampire. Aaron being Aaron had allowed his anger to
unleash which resulted in him hitting her. This ended in a bad way for
Aaron as she bit him, allowing her venom to seep within his body,
change every cell and turn him into something that he very much hated -
a monster, a Vampire.

Roleplay Example: Aaron hurried through the crowded corridors of Hogwarts, pushing past many people., even causing some to stumble slightly. His chocolate-brown eyes flickered from side to side, scanning each person as they're scent flew up through his nostrils. His black robes stood bold against his deathly pale skin and made him look even less human, not that he cared any longer. Being a Vampire had it's advantages to it afterall. He was beginning to get over the thought of being a 'monster' and look at it positively.
Aaron hurried on, pushing through a group of Gryffindor's, muttering a very rude word as he moved. This was very unlike Aaron, the language, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He had to get outside urgently, the castle was far to crowded and unsafe for a boy of his species. Aaron attempted to send the scents away by simply ignoring them - but it didn't work as well as he had wished it to. Every smell, scent which lingered around the area remained strong.
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Aaron Dion Yaxley - Character Bio - Example.
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